Aug 2013

Age: 33

I started Crossfit 5 months ago at the Luminis box. I have seen incredible results. I have dropped 25lbs and 2 dress sizes. I am stronger than I have ever been even when I was serving in the Army. I will warn you though it is addicting but in a good way! My entire family goes to this box and we all love it.

The coaches and members at Crossfit Luminis are amazing! I was terrified my first day going to Crossfit but the members and coaches at Luminis welcomed me with open arms and have continued to be super supportive. Everyone is so encouraging, no matter if you are first, in the middle, or last. The members never stop cheering even when they are gasping for air. The coaches always monitor your form and ensure that you are not going to hurt.

Jan 2013


Age:  32

As the head coach of the Timberline Boys Swim and Dive team, I spoke to James about possibly running a program for the high school boys. James was very open to this and my team was very excited. The team loved the crossfit routines James catered to their goals. This was a great team building experience for these boys to do something outside of the pool. They realized that they truly are stronger mentally and physically then they give themselves credit for. James and his staff were very instrumental in these boys realizing that. Many of them have either started doing crossfit on their own or plan on doing it as an off season option. James and his team did more than just provide challenging workouts, they helped these young men realize they can do anything that they put their mind to in and out of the pool.

The coaches were very welcoming to this group of about 15 high school boys. They built a respect with these athletes and helped them realize how far they truly could push themselves. Though the boys said the workouts were very challenging, they could not wait to go back for more. These boys train very hard all season long, but after this experience they seem to have taken it to a whole different level. As a coach I am very thankful to CrossFit Luminis and my swimmers are too.

Jan 2013


Age:  40

CrossFit Luminis provides the environment I want when I'm working out. CrossFit is hard. What makes it possible to continue is the people that are there with me. The results show not only in how my body looks and how I feel but in my ability to participate in living my best life.

I can't find the words to describe the inspiration and support from my fellow CrossFitter's and Coaches. They rock! They are hardcore and committed to my success as much as they are to their own. They are my workout partners but more importantly have become my friends. I could do CF without them but I sure wouldn't want to.


Age:  52

I am stronger than I have ever been! I've been coming for about 6 months now and I really enjoy the positive and supportive environment at CF Luminis. I recently had to do a cardiac stress test and was able to run on a treadmill instead of doing the nuclear medicine procedure - before CrossFit I would not have been able to run uphill.

Both staff and gym members are positive and encouraging. Most of my wods(workout-of-the-day) are still scaled down, but I still get such positive feedback that I keep wanting to improve.

So far my favorite was a core work out - we had to do 50 supermans among other things - I spent 8 months in physical therapy and could do only a couple of supermans with my arms at my side. To be able to do 50 was awesome!



I started Crossfit Luminis 6 month's ago after buying a 3-month trial membership through Living Social.  Having been a member of the Valley Athletic Club for years, I was looking for something to "shake up" my routine.  I am the type of person that has worked out my practically my whole life, with marginal results.  If you are looking for something new or would like to see better results from your workouts, you should give cross fit a try.  I decided to stay with Crossfit Luminis because the instructors are real people, the other members are always friendly and encouraging, and there is no drama at this gym!  You can do your entire work out from start to finish in one hour or less, which is a plus for this working mom.  My favorite part is driving away from the parking lot, exhausted and feeling like I had the best workout of my life, every time!  You gotta try it.



I have been going to CrossFit Luminis for 7 months now....I signed up with a special and thought like every other fitness plan I had tried that this one would not interest me for long!! Boy, was I ever wrong!! I go 4 mornings a week and I love it...it is scaleable to all, coaches are so supportive, and the members are friendly and supportive as well...Im so thankful I stumbled upon this particular box as its cast and crew has most certainly changed my life for the better!!! Check it out and get hooked like the rest of us!!!



I was visiting my family in Washington. I workout at a Crossfit in Texas, I was very very impressed with the coaches at CrossFit Luminis. The group of people I was privileged to work out with at the 9:30 class were awesome.
If anyone is looking for a Crossfit gym in Olympia or even close to Olympia, it would be worth the drive, this is the one. It has a great vibe and the WOD's really push you to work hard!
Awesome I enjoyed it tremendously.



This gym ROCKS!  Very supportive, knowledgeable and encouraging coaches and friendly open atmosphere.  My best find of 2012!



Holy crap cross fit is awesome and CrossFit Luminis makes it even better.  I work from home and travel often and they have a payment plan that accommodates my variable schedule.  The coaches are knowledgeable and very supportive, the facility is clean with lots of options for attending (even though I only go in the mornings), and the fellow cross fitters have a great balance of support and drive to help you get stronger.  I can't get enough of it.



Great coaches, great people to train with, and a really nice gym.  I always find myself pushing myself harder at crossfit than I ever would just working out on my own.  And, I've learned several new lifts and exercises from working with the trainers.  Highly recommended if you are serious about your fitness!



I love this place! The coaches at CrossFit Luminis are great and do an awesome job of making each workout "do-able" for anyone.  Everyone I have met here has been welcoming and friendly.  I joined 9 months ago and could barely run 1/4 mile.  After crossfitting 4 times a week, I actually ran the Olympia Turkey Trot over the weekend - running the entire way!  I would highly recommend this place. It's a life changer!



Joining Crossfit Luminis was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. Not only do I get to improve myself physically but I have become more mentally strong then ever before. I'm ecstatic to have the support and love from what I consider to be an extension of my family.